April 12, 2007

Revisiting Old Friends

Revisiting favorite books is like revisiting friends. You just remember how much you love them. Right now I am reading the Bobsey Twins books aloud to my children. I remember reading them in first grade or so, it is fun to share with my kids these stories that I loved growing up.

Today I snuggled in Sirah's bed with her and read her several Madeline books. This was the first time she was hearing the books and it was fun to share them with her. She held Rhia's old Madeline doll and she pointed out how she looked just like the girl in the book. Madeline is like visiting an old friend as are Nan, Bert, Flossie and Freddie.

There are so many other good friends that I love revisiting with my kids like Aslan, Bilbo, Curious George, Wilbur and Charlotte, Peter, Wendy and Tink, and of course Laura and Mary. Yet there are also new ones I am enjoying discovering with them like Wilbur Robinson, the Box Car children, Ozma, Betsy and Tacy to name a few. I love reading with my kids especially on a day like today when there is snow on the ground in April and fevers burning, runny noses and achy legs to go around.

We do watch some movies and have found new friends there are well but it is still never quite the same as opening that book and saying "and that's where we will leave off until tomorrow" - the suspense and time you invest in reading a book and the imagination you need make it all the more enjoyable. Off to get the cookies out of the oven! Sirah's choice for mommy and me time today - bake cookies.

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