April 6, 2007

A Moment to Cherish

Anyone who knows me or has spent any regular time on my blog knows I LOVE reading to kids. It is a passion of mine, it is one of those memories I hope my kids grow up to love and to replicate with their own children. We read and we read and we read a lot. Today we had one of those moments that makes me love homeschooling so much.

It was late morning we had just finished a snack of scones and hot chocolate and I decided to read to the kids. Our current mom chapter book (we also have a dad read aloud - currently Jedi Search by Kevin Anderson) is The Bobbsey Twins Red, White and Blue Mystery which they are really enjoying. Sirah and Ciaran got out a puzzle to do while they listened to me and Rhiannon picked up her nine patch sewing (for her Plum Creek class) and they sat nearby listening and keeping their hands busy. I read three chapters and they kept asking for more but after an hour at that time of day I was at risk of falling asleep during reading and needed to stop.

It was just one of those quiet moments where we enjoyed a good story together and everyone was engaged with each other and with their own quiet project. It was one of those moments that made me feel like a sterotypical homeschooler. Reading aloud to kids is one of those things that I know is common to many homeschools and many families in general and just something about the way it happened today made me feel a connection with families all across the world who were likely doing the very same things. We went on with the lessons and business of the remainder of the day.

This evening I took another break from all the cleaning and evening prep to just pull the younger two into my lap and read for awhile. One of the books we read was Reading With Dad and it brought tears and smiles to me. A sweet story about a little girl reading with her father throughout her whole life and the different stages of reading together. As I read it I happened to be sitting in our overstuffed leather chair with two kids on my lap (just like a photo in the book) and Ciaran noticed it. As I finished the book I placed a kiss on both their heads and told them how much I loved reading with them and how it was one of my favorite things to do and how they should do the same with their kids and always read with me throughout all their lives. They both turned around and gave me one of the biggest tightest hugs and I just felt so loved and so special in that moment. Just pure love and joy from a simple hug and shared moment with a book. It just does not get better...well maybe when I can no longer read and they read to me.

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  1. Hi! i came here via the Homeschool Blog Awards and I had to post a link to your story at my Saturday Review of Books at my blog Semicolon (www.semicolonblog.com). I hope you'll come by some Saturday and add your own link to any book reviews/book thoughts that you post during the week. I think reading aloud together is one of the best parts of our homeschooling experience.