April 11, 2007

Hold the Styrofoam PLEASE?!?!?!?!?

Now some may think I am heading up on a soapbox here about styrofoam and the environment briefly summarized here. While I am first to grant you I don't care for it because of those reasons my real reason lies all over my kitchen and living room floors, stuck to my children, in their hair, clothes and making Roomba quirky and very unhappy - I can not stand the way it falls apart and gets stuck to everything. It is also a child magnet, the way bubble wrap is. I love bubble wrap - send me some of that - just PLEASE hold the styrofoam? I will listen to jumping and bouncing and have fun popping with them. I will embrace the noise and the fun that goes with it but please leave the styrofoam OUT OF MY HOME!

The kids dug into a box with a styrofoam packaged item inside this morning. Since they are 6 and 3 why bother taking it out of the box - lets dig into it with our fists and see if we can dig it out! I was right in the next room and had one of those "they are too quiet" realizatios and came in to discover them completely covered in styrofoam along with my kitchen and dining room - one immediately ran into the living room leaving traces of it all over that floor to. We have spent the past hour cleaning and it is still not done. This is the second time in two weeks this sort of thing has happened. Why is styrofoam a magnet for kids to play in? Why do they package things in it? Really there are good alternatives now.

If you send me things please, pretty please leave the styrofoam at home? We will all be saner and happier for it. While I am at it - just a reminder leave the tinsel and easter grass home as well. I banned those (successfully) a few years ago. I know I am a mean one Mr. Grinch. Really I am pretty easy going but those three are pet peeves that make me grumpy! So I would be much obliged if we could simply leave it outside my door. Thank you very much!

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  1. I loathe styrofoam for the same reasons, in combination with the environmental factors.

    I was pretty happy this Easter when my mom brought the kids baskets with paper grass in them instead of plastic! I FINALLY got through to her! LOL I was tired of still finding remnants of that stuff at Halloween :P