April 12, 2007

Sibling Comfort

Sirah is sick. She has a cold but also body aches and a low grade fever. She is miserable and usually a cold does not stop her. She spent all afternoon either in my lap or asleep in her bed or on a couch. Tonight at bedtime Rhiannon offered for her to sleep in her bed with her, not a common occurrence. As I tucked them in tonight I could not help but smile and be encouraged at how loving and comforting the older two kids were being to her. Rhia read Sirah her favorite books at times throughout the day and offered to help her however she could. Ciaran was unusually patient with her and comforting to her, allowing her to play with some of his toys and even rubbing her back when she laid down. Their compassion and sensitivity was encouraging to see. But watching the girls lay in bed together was really a precious memory and one I know is comforting to both of them.

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  1. the great thing about life is these are the kind of memories you always keep. Many you will let go bye. I know because you and your brothers never had fights or disagreed. Odds are I may have forgotten something.

    Give everyone a kiss and hug and tell Reiannon i loved her fairy

    Family Forever