December 26, 2003

Been awhile... I think this may be the longest I have gone without blogging, including when Sirah was born! The move has gone quite well, thanks to all of you who have stuck with me during this time. We are recovering from yesterday. We had an amazing outpouring of generosity and love that came our way in the form of presents and phone calls from our family who live so many miles away. Thanks again!

The kids are coming off their sugar highs (we let them have some candy and other sweets throughout the day - pretty unusual for them) and they are enjoying playing with all their new presents. I am busy trying to find a home for all the new items and referring squabbles that occur over who gets to go first. I just put the kids down for some quiet/naptime and thought I would try to sneak a few minutes to blog - before I get booted off the computer again from our terrible cable connection - which rumor has it is supposed to be fixed next week.

Serona and I are busy creating our home library. Yes I said home LIBRARY! A dream come true for the both of us. Last night he put together two more bookshleves to bring the total up to 8, tonight we will finish the last two for an even 10 and hope our books will all fit in them. We are also going shopping for a nice reading table and a few other little things to make that room have the feel we want (and can afford at this point). We sat on the futon looking at the full wall of shelves and both thought it was a beautiful sight and shared how we were happy to have married a fellow reader instead of TV watcher.

Today the kids have put on dances and concerts and have played dress up and considerable time with the new wooden train set. We have played a butterfly catch and had breakfast and lunch and even squeezed a little cleaning in there. We have worked on thank yous and had a good day so far. Hope all is good with you and yours and I hope to be back to consistent blogging after next week.


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