December 5, 2003

Clay Field Trip... Today we went on a very interesting filed trip to a clay factory. The kids seem to enjoy themselves and the tour guide did a great job explaining the process to their age level. The tour included viewing the materials, machines and process for mixing and packaging the clay and the glazes. We also saw the kiln and they actually took our pieces out with us there- we helped, it was very interesting. The kids made some ornaments and coasters and pinch pots and had glazed them as well.

It felt good to be out doing stuff again, we have been self-quarantining ourselves since we were exposed to chicken pox - but the incubation is over and it appears to have passed us by _whew_ so it was nice to get the kids out. They behaved so well I was so thankful and very impressed with them. All the kids on the tour did actually - it was a nice time.


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