December 3, 2003

Little House Christmas... Today has been a great day for our family. Serona took the day off to have a special date with Rhiannon, they went to see a performance of Little House Christmas. They really enjoyed it, she is very into the series, we have been listening to it on tape so far and we will be giving her the set of books for Christmas. They had a special date complete with a chocolate treat from what I hear.

Meanwhile Ciaran and I had some special playtime while they were gone and Sirah was sleeping. We built castles with blocks and then drove cars around them. He played with his "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" cutouts and we read some books together. His favorite is Still "The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear" by Audrey Wood. We then made pancakes together and had a lot of fun - he loves to cook and to wash the dishes.

When Sirah woke up we all sat on the floor together and listened to Christmas music and sang while we played with the blocks. Serona and Rhiannon came home and then he headed out to run an errand with Ciaran and left me with the girls. Then he headed over to pick up Ciaran a new life like animal - a treat he loves for less than 5.00 and it lasts and gets played with over and over again.

This time Rhiannon and I worked on a few things. She drew a replica of our front door wreath complete with pinecones and bow in her nature study notebook while I did our online bills and banking and then we read several books. Her favorite was "Harold and the Purple Crayon" by Crockett Johnson. Then we did a few review questions and discussion from the play she saw this morning (provided on the theater's website) and talked a bit about Little House in general. Now she is playing quietly by herself and Sirah is in the swing while I write this - I am going to try to pack a bit now.


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