December 9, 2003

Kindergarten Behavior... Reading this article both saddens me and reinforces our decision to homeschool and to have a full-time stay at home parent with our children.

Time magazine reports Does Kindergarten Need Cops? and while the headline seems a bit aggressive the article is even sadder. There are serious behavioral problems being seen in children in larger numbers and in earlier ages throughout the country.

The article highlights some sad examples and then discusses some reasons people are citing for the behavior. One woman states:

Many cite economic stress, which has parents working longer hours than ever before, kids spending more time in day care and everyone coming home too exhausted to engage in the kind of relationships that build social skills. "Kids aren't getting enough lap time," says Karen Bentley, a seasoned elementary school administrator in Miami, who sees increased aggression in young students.

Not enough lap time? That to me is so sad - and one thing my kids will not be lacking. It is so sad to me that children are unable to enjoy their parents and to spend time with them in meaningful ways. I am again thankful for the gift Serona gives me in enabling me to stay home full time with my children.

So today when you get stressed with your kids while they don't want to follow a lesson or get something done, think about what other families and children are facing today and put your kids in your lap and read a story or just enjoy some quality family time together.


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