December 3, 2003

Days and Nights... Why do babies get these mixed up? Sirah has been sleeping during the day and ready to party at night. Right now I so want to go to sleep but she is still up and raring to go. Serona is working late and there is no choice but to be awake. I used to never really mind but with three it is harder as one is awake when the others are asleep you know the others will wake up when this one falls asleep and then you have lost all that sleep. I am reminded of the Bare Naked Ladies song" Who Needs Sleep? Well your never gonna get it." Yet even as I complain I don't really mind. I know these days pass by too quickly and I know I will sleep again someday - as my father told me you can get a few good years in between the youngest turning 5 or so and the oldest becoming a teenager - then you never sleep again until they are fully out of the house. I have learned to function on less sleep though I am a much happier mom when I get more rest. Perhaps I can go bore her to sleep now.


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