December 5, 2003

Moving Progress... I thought I would post an update for those of you following my move.

Days to Move: 7
Boxes Packed: 39 - plus two storage units full
Closets Left - 2
Stress Level - Low
Family Health - Good

Actually we are doing the best I have ever done in our 5 moves in the past 4 years, I guess you just get better each time. I feel like there is little I can do this week - I have already thinned our clothes down to what we need to wear - the kids toys have almost all been packed. I left out a basket of blocks and a basket of puppets and hard vinyl animals and a little rubbermaid tub of cars and some books of course. I have even packed up the desk and all our files and office and school supplies. The only major things I have left are the kitchen - which I always wait until the end for and our linen closet. So I really can't complain this time.


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