December 11, 2003

Lessons While Moving... Just two days left until the move and our stress level is very good. Today is the final big packing day (I need to pack all those things I needed to leave out - a box or two in each room) and we are going to tie up loose ends (get the rest of the utilities working at the new house, change our address, etc) and the kids will make going away cards for our neighbors. They are excited about the move, but will miss some of our neighbors. I am trying to help them with the transition by allowing them to draw pictures and visit people.

We have also been counting boxes - practicing stacking objects - some piles nearly reach the ceiling, practicing self-restraint in climbing and of course getting out energy by climbing in "safe" areas, and a million other little life lessons this move has given us opportunities to teach. I have learned how creative my kids can be with very few toys and learning materials. And they have enjoyed that they get to watch a video nearly every day (not the norm in our house).

We have been listening to music (Christmas carols, classical and praise) nearly all day long and taking breaks to dance all together or in different pairs. The kids have taken little breaks to color or do worksheets or file folder games or play with play-doh. Today we will work on stewardship lessons and teaching them to care for all the things God has given us and to leave our home in excellent condition for it's new owners. This will be taught mostly through practical cleaning exercises, LOL!

Actually I have learned that my kids really enjoy cleaning and fufilling tasks. Even ones they aren't so fond of are made fun by the use of a timer and a reward if they get done before the timer. You would be amazed how fast my children really can put their toys away when they feel motivated. Part of me just wants to put videos on all day so they will be "busy" and I can get alot done. But the larger part of me knows I would regret losing all those "teachable moments" we will have. So it will take us a little longer but we will do it together and they will learn and we will have fun and be all together. I'll save the video for the hour I need to make phone calls to set up utilities and the like.

Well I guess I better be off for our final day of packing and cleaning in our current humble abode. Thanks for your patience with me through these crazy times.


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