December 10, 2003

Weekly Update... Just a few minutes to blog - we are a one car family this week and need to head out to pick up Serona from work. Three days until we move and I can't pack another box until Thursday night (how is it we need so much stuff for just three days?) but seriously our progress is really good this time. We are excited for the move.

It's been a good week, we got a bunch of snow (hooray) and it has even been nice enough for the kids to be outside playing with their friends, sledding, building snowpeople and making snow angels. They have had alot of fun doing that recently. We also managed to make cookies with them - snickerdoodles which were fun because they rolled them in the cinnamon and sugar mix themselves. We even had some apple cider.

I have given up on doing anything for the next few weeks. We just found out grandpa is coming to stay with us next week - yay that will be alot of fun for the kids and I can get some unpacking done. Well I had better be off.


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