December 2, 2003

Good Afternoon... Before the chaos of bedtime hits I would like to let you know we had a great afternoon. Rhiannon started her Nature Study notebook with two drawings of the flowers on our table and a short poem from The Children's Book of Virtues "Try, Try Again". She also had me jot down a little note about one of the flowers and God. It was a nice moment. She worked on her art while I danced around the room with Sirah and Ciaran took a nap, a nice peaceful moment in an otherwise loud and crazy household.

The kids are making forts and houses and climbing on all our moving boxes those that are full and those that are empty. Sirah has slept away much of the day so I am anticipating a long night. It seems whatever sickness we had has passed us by and that is wonderful!

I am trying to psyche myself up for the bedtime routine and reading some stories now and then heading back down here to the mess to try to pack up some of my desk and file all the stacks of paper that have collected around the house. Hopefully I won't miss any bills during this crazy time. Keeping track of paperwork is always the hardest on me during a move.


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