December 7, 2003

Brief update.... Well I have been packing like a madwoman for the past 45 minutes and decided to take a break - just 15 minutes of course. The move prep is going very well actually - we have packed up almost everything but the essentials we need to make it until the weekend. The only room left untouched so far is the kitchen - which I will tackle tomorrow. We are living amongst towers of boxes - the kids really just want to climb inside them or better yet on top of them. We have even cleaned out the attic already - seems everything is on track.

We went to get our pictures taken for Christmas cards and what a fiasco that turned into. Rhiannon refused to smile, Ciaran kept giving the 2 year old "CHEESY" grin and Sirah just wouldn't look at the camera. It was an event - sometimes I am convinced a snapshot captures my children far better and far cheaper! I get complaints from family and friends that our kids don't get "professional" pictures done (we may do it once a year - yes even when they are babies) but our experience has not been good and they are always so expensive. I will admit it - I am NOT a "creative" memories mom. My memories will be passed on to my children in the form of this blog, their personal journals and probably a shoebox of photos and a ton of digital pictures and the occasional video. Each mother is different I suppose - hopefully my kids can appreciate our written history and the snapshots that go along with it. I simply don't have time or interest in cutting paper into pretty shapes and gluing things into a book.

Hope you had a great weekend and please be patient with me this week and next as we move (we will actually be without computer service for atleast 4 whole days _sigh_).


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