December 13, 2005

Candy Cane Lesson Plan

For Ciaran's last homeschool coop class the kids read the book J is for Jesus which talks about how the candy cane actually represents Christ. The class they did was fun. They got to eat candy canes, make a gift for a friend - candy cane tied to a pretty ornament strung with ribbon with a poem about the meaning of the candy cane and they made edible mangers from graham crackers, marshmallows and other goodies. Later in the day they had a scavenger hunt throughout the church looking for candy canes.

We continue that lesson at home with some fun ideas, including some for older kids, all about candy canes. If you are looking for a fun an interesting way to pass some time and learn about a holiday tradition this may be a good idea. I have chosen to include the religious content, still there is plenty of information for those not interested in including the Christian aspects of the Candy Cane.

Take a tour of a Candy Cane factory, with pictures and informative descriptions, at Spangler.

Read about the history and symbolism of the candy cane at The History of the Candy Cane.

Try some candy cane recipes (scroll down) at Homeschooled-Kids. They also have some nice poems and writings for the younger crowd.

Read The "J" Is For Jesus by Alice Joyce Davidson (for younger kids), J Is for Jesus : The Sweetest Story Ever Told by Crystal Bowman and The Candymaker's Gift : The Legend of the Candy Cane by David Haidel (my personal favorite).

Homemade candy cane recipe available at The Teachers Corner.

Play candy cane jumping to get them active found at Funding Factory


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