December 6, 2005

Rhiannon's Fairytale

Here is a fairytale as Rhiannon wrote it today as she recited it I typed it. Grammar was not a consideration - I was doing my best to keep up with her as she spoke.

Rhiannon's Fairytale

Once upon a time there was a young man who wished he were king of the 30 continents. He fought for cities and begged them to let him be their king. Finally one of the cities let him be their king. Because their kings before had not treated them good. He ruled them well. But people in other cities around that city got jealous. People came and asked him to be their king too. So the young man's name turned from Chel to The King of the 30 continents.

And soon all 30 continents were turned into his empire. They asked him to conquer cities and make them rich. But he did not. He made friends with other cities and let their kings stay in charge of the cities. But he asked them to be part of his empire. They all gladly accepted the invitation. They made friends but people in the south continent surrounding the empire did not like that they were getting so rich and powerful they said let's attack the city. But the wise people in the city said no lets make friends with the city. That is what they did.

After the king's death his sons ruled wisely as well. His empire grew and after awhile people started coming from cities afar to live in their city even though they didn’t have a king once in awhile they still obeyed the laws their great king had given them. Another young man came to the throne he saw that the people obeyed the laws so he obeyed them to. They survived many attacks and saved many cities and made friends with many cities as well. His empire lasted for a long time.

One day an evil god from the clouds said I do not like the way people obey one Kings laws. I shall send down a wild beast to destroy their city. A wild lion that was half man and half god was sent down from the clouds and destroyed parts of that empire. Brave people stuck together and destroyed that wild beast and rebuilt the parts of the empire it had destroyed. Once again it was a powerful city.

People started turning against the people who had fought. Many people came and gave them gifts thanking them for destroying the wild beast that had destroyed their homes. So they started turning against the king. King Abush said "Let's make peace" so they divided the gifts people brought them between the 30 continents. They were happy again. Their city reigned for a long time. The End

P.S. People all over the world I hope will like this fairytale. Rhiannon


  1. Rhiannon: I liked it. It's a really great story :)

  2. I really liked it. It was quite epic! And so sweet. :)

    Keep on telling stories!