December 16, 2005

Homemade Calendar

An activity that is fun and easy this time of year is to make homemade calendars. Your kids can make their own (with your assistance) or you could make one for your child as a gift. We recently did this homemade picture calendar activity and you can find some more specific directions of how we did it.

The basics, find pictures, either your own digital photos or use Google Images to locate and save pictures to a folder on your computer. Choose one or more for each month and print it out using free software (many digital camera software has a calendar option).

Then put it together however you wish with a binding (done at a Kinko's or copy shop) or just place each page in a sheet protector in a three ring binder. We have done these and they are fun and easy. We have made a frog calendar, a horse calendar, a family photo calendar and a seasonal one (a picture of something significant from each month).

Have fun and Merry Christmas,