December 20, 2005

Membership as a Gift Idea

Want a great gift idea for a family? Instead of purchasing each individual a gift why not consider purchasing a family membership to a nearby museum or arboretum? Our family has received these as gifts, in the past and this year as well. It truly is a gift that keeps giving for the whole year. Our family has been fortunate to receive or purchase memberships to the zoo, historical society, science museum, children's museum and arboretum (our art museum is always free).

My children love these locations and we can easily spend several days a month at these locations. When my children receive this as a gift I always remind them who makes it possible for us to be at this fun place each time we go. Since we have a membership they can have more control over what we see and how often we attend. They have as an option when asked what would you like to do to respond with go to the zoo, science museum, children's museum or the arborteum without any worry that mom will say "I'm sorry it is too expensive or we can't right now." These locations make great family days, kid dates and even field trips.

So if you are stumped or want a non-traditional idea consider giving a membership to a family you love.

Merry Christmas,

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