December 13, 2005

Narnia Follow-up

After the movie the kids and I did several activities. We printed out paper dolls they colored, a wardrobe with lampost and map of Narnia. They printed out family trees with the shield and sons and daughters of their family. Rhiannon and I had a Q and A about the movie, based off some of the materials found in the Narnia Resources - here it is:

How did you feel about each person as you first met them?
I thought Susan was thinking she was always right
Peter was a little bossy
Edmund was a lying boy
Lucy was a pretty truthful girl.
I thought the professor was pretty old.

How would you feel if you walked into a magical wardrobe?

Pretty shocked. After I saw what it was like I might try it. At first I would have wanted to be like Susan and go home.

How would you feel if it was always winter? Pretty stressed.
Why? Because I would never have my birthday. Only daddy would have a birthday.

What difference would it make to you if there was no Christmas?
I would be so angry I don't know how to express it. I would rather move away.

Why do you think the professor belived Lucy's story?

Because he had been in Narnia before.

Why do you think Edmund lies about being to Narnia?

Because he is liar and he wants to protect the witch's secret.

Do you think Mr Tumnus is good or bad?
Pretty much good, but some bad because he tried to betray Lucy but then he helped her get away.

What would you tell Mr. Tumnus to do?

I would tell him to do what he thought was right? If you take Lucy to the White Witch you will not hurt but she will - if you dont you will get hurt but she won't.
If Lucy is your friend would you be nice to her

If you were Edmund would you take the candy?

If I had been there before I'd heard the queen and known it was enchanted. No because I know that I don't know this adult and I don't know if this is poisonous candy or something. They might be trying to harm me or something.

Why isn't Edmund punished?

Because Aslan forgave him and stood in Edmund's place

Does that seem fair to you?
Yes and no. It wasnt fair because he did it and should be punished and the good thing was Aslan died for him so Edmund did not have to die and could be one of the kings.

Why was Edmund so tempted by Tuirkish Delight?

Because it was his favorite thing.

What type of things are kids are tempted by today?

Above all - Satan gives them things that tempt them.

Like what?
Like he tells them to steal a cookie.

What temptation do you struggle the most with?


What's the difference between temptation and actually doing something wrong?
If you are tempted you just really really want to do something. When you are actually doing it - its different because you can't turn back.

What can you do when you are struggling with temptation?
Call on God. Ask Him to help me.

What is the most courageous part in the story?

When Peter fought the White Witch

What was your favorite part?

When Aslan came back to life.

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