December 22, 2005

Our Family Christmas Carol

Tonight our family was supposed to go Christmas caroling on horseback. It was not meant to be. First we did not have good directions in time, second there was a car accident that delayed us, finally we got very lost and after weaving through countless neighborhood streets we decided we needed to pay attention to reality and stop trying.

So we changed the night into looking at Christmas lights and singing Christmas carols. Each person choose a song and we sang it. At one point we got the bright idea of making up our own Christmas carol one line at a time, each person adding a line. With small children you never know what will come out - sort of like a mad lib. For your enjoyment, sung to the tune of Deck the Halls:

I am wearing a very long scarf
It makes me want to barf,
(insert long extended farting/raspberry sound) - Note this was unintentionally but definately biologically produced by one of our children in real time.
I have a tree in my head,
sing E-I-E-I-O

Well there you have it, our family Christmas carol. Can you tell we are proud? It made for some great laughter in the car!

Merry Christmas,

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