December 7, 2005

Ciaran's Toilet Paper Game

Today Ciaran was feeling creative and I was feeling patient. It turned into a good combination but I must admit a twinge of panic arose as I watched my 4 year old son carry 12 full rolls of toilet paper into his bedroom.

I took a deep breath and let it go on. He came to find me and ask me to play a game with him. I said after he cleaned his room and he said that it was part of the game so I agreed. Here is what I walked into. Are you ready, do you feel my sense of panic and preemptive pain?....

It's not as bad as either you or I feared, it was creative and fun and he came up with it all by himself. I found all twelve rolls of toilet paper stacked on top of one another on his top bunk (which has plywood not a mattress) He told me I needed to pick one.

Seeing the confusion on my face he told me some of them had something hidden inside and we needed to see who got the most. I choose one and stuffed inside the toilet paper roll (in the part you put on the roller) was a plastic frog (are you really surprised?) I smiled and realized where this was going. I was so proud of him to think of it and create his own game with what was around him.

We took turns choosing roles to see what we would find. He hid 6 frogs in the dozen rolls. He impressed me yet again when I chose one that did not have a frog in it. He peeked in the top (when he thought I was not looking) and I was sure he was going to find one with a frog. Instead he really surprised me. He chose the top one which he knew to be empty. He looked at me and smiled and said - I just wanted it to be even to help you out a little.

We tied in case you are wondering. But it was great fun, simple and creative and straight out of the mind of my precious 4 year old son. It was a shining moment in an otherwise challening indoor day in MN with temps to cold to send him outside. It was a blessing.


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  1. Emma wants to tie with lots of games as well and will help you if she feels it's too difficult for you.