December 15, 2005

Free Fun Family Christmas Gift

At this time of year - free anything sounds nice doesn't it? Here is an easy gift idea for your family or a family with young children you love. We call it our Family Fun Jar. We pull it out when kids get bored or our creative juices are no longer flowing to jumpstart our day.

I created a list of ideas for us to do, I let the kids put some of their own ideas in there. The only rule is we have (but you need not have) is we must do whatever it says when we pull it (unless weather or transportation prevents it). This rule is important in our family to prevent fights and keep the spirit of the jar.

You can simply print out my list on different colored paper and cut in strips. Then place the strips in some sort of container (a vase, a ball jar, a decorated shoebox, a pretty basket, etc) and offer it as a gift. This is an especially kind gift to a mother of preschoolers who need lots of creative things to do. Of course you will want to edit and change the list as it best suits your family but for a springboard, check out my Family Fun Jar.

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