December 1, 2005

What Makes a Homeschooler a Homeschooler Symposium

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In light of recent discussions over public school at home and homeschooling I would like to offer some space for an online symposium (similar to Spunky's Online Convention - only dedicated to one subject) to discuss what makes a homeschooler a homeschooler. What are the legal issues? What are the charachteristics and choices that make an individual home educated or home schooled rather than a public school/charter school/or private school student? What are the important distinctions? Your posts can cover issues like virtual charter schools, public school at home and the defintions of homeschooling.

Many of you have strong opinions on this issue and many of you are very smart and passionate about this subject. Let us work together to see if we can come up with good ways to define homeschooling and protect the rights of all homeschoolers.

Here are the guidelines. Please write a post (it can be a previous or older post) and email me your link as a submission at by Saturday December 3rd and I will organize and post all the submissions on Monday December 5th. If you do not have a blog I will accept and publish an emailed piece that meets the guidelines.

Please be respectful of all while writing your piece. Your opinion may be strong and you should express it but please be respectful of those with a different opinion. Keep the posts well reasoned, avoid attacks and keep the focus on the issues and not on the people. As moderator I reserve the right to retain full editorial control over what to post and what not to. Though I intend to publish any post that meets the above guidelines irregardless of if I personally agree with the point of view or not.

Please post this on your blog and spread the word. I look forward to reading what everyone has to say.



  1. Anonymous1:05 PM

    Just wanted to let you know I passed this info on to my NCSW list.

    National Charter School Watch:

  2. Annette,

    Would you consider submitting something. Or may I post your Q and A with HEM as found at

    I think you do a nice job articulating some distinctions and its importance. Thank you.

  3. Anonymous6:42 AM

    Sure, you can post the interview with Mary Nix, and thanks for the compliment. I was considering asking if I could do that, and post something else. I may not get the time to put anything else together, but I'd like to try. Are we limited to one post? I should go back and reread the guidelines...

  4. Annette,

    I did not limit to one post only. Since that is an interview format. Feel free to add another post if you have time I think what you have to say is important. Also encourage those on your list to post as well. I am thinking if they are on alist dedicated to that they probably have some good things to say.


  5. Interesting idea. I wonder though if you will have many of the type of people you're labeling as "school at home" joining you. I rarely see those people participating in the more traditional homeschool blog comment areas.

    I'm going to squeeze out some time to participate and hope I'm not the only one of "my type". :-)