December 23, 2005

An intentional life

Have you ever stopped to think about the way you live your life? The choices you make each day, both conscious and unconscious? Have you considered how intentional each choice you make is? Most of us do not. The end of each year always leads me to think through my own personal intentionality and that of my family.

Serona and I have committed to living an intentional life. One filled with purpose and directions, researched and thought out decisions and a commitment to follow through. We have committed to taking time to consider what we do both intentionally and out of habit. We take time to examine those habits and try to improve them.

To be sure we are not perfect and we backslide often. Still our goal is to always be moving forward and always trying to become more intentional about the choices we make as individuals, as a couple and for our family.

A few months back I wrote a more detailed post about our personal family choices and commitments to moving from being a "good" family to a "great" family. Taking a page out of Jim Collins "Good to Great" book we highlight our family's Hedgehog concept or mission statement.

Take a few moments to read through my previous post Are you Good or Are You Great? and think about your own family and the choices you are makine on a day to day basis.

Becoming good can be far easier than moving into the next stage of being great. Often we become complacent and content with our progress and stop striving to move forward and to improve. I am not discouraging contentment as we are called to be content in all things. Rather I am standing against complacency and an unwillingness to examine our daily choices. I encourage you to examine your own life, as we examine ours and to consider living more intentionally this upcoming year.

Merry Christmas,

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  1. Just wanted to wish you all a very happy Christmas :-)
    I hope 2006 is a healthy, happy, and successful year for you.

    Love and blessings
    Jules (UK) xx