April 7, 2005

Family Fun Jar

I've noticed an increase in the "Nothing to do" and "I'm bored" so we spent time today creating a family fun jar which we will pull ideas from when those words are uttered r we need something to do. We agree to stick with whatever is pulled first unless it is impossible due to weather or time constraints. This will be just as challenging for me as for the kids as I may not want to do what is pulled. There are both activities for the kids alone and for us as a family. Here is our current list


Play hide and go seek

10 minutes of dancing

Talk a walk to the park

Go to the pond and look for frogs

Bike to the beach

Build a block zoo

Paint a picture

Jump on the trampoline

Read a book

Play castle

Picking up garbage in neighborhood

Make cookies

Play aquarium

Chalk in the driveway

Exploring the fort

Nature walk and drawing

Block Hall of Fame (pictures)

Make a book

Write a story

Learn a new song

Write a letter/draw a picture to a family member

Scavenger Hunt

Musical Band

Put on a play

Puppet Show

Make a Me Bag - all about me

Go to the library


Yard work


Free art box time

Make bookmarks

Five speckled frogs

Musical Chairs

Ball in basket scramble

Play nemo game

Play nature bingo

Play go fish


Self portrait

Stiff as a statue

Racing laps in yard

Obstacle course

Build a fort

Have a picnic

Beanbag toss

Record a story

Kids take pictures

Flashlight safari

Soundbox hunt

Smelling activity

Tasting Activity

Touching activity

Watching ants

Trace shadows

Ice Painting - ice cube on cement

Pillow Course

Take a Bath

Wash windows


Contact Paper Nature Collage

Simon says

Who are we game - dress up

Give babies a bath

Play vetrenarian

PLay restuarant

Tea party

Make megaphones (toddler play book)

Ribbon dancing

Nature sorting (leaves, acorns, in own brown bag)


Animal acting

Play house

Water the garden

Verse Off

Building a bear cave

10 in the bed

Make a coupon book

Car painting/car wash

Wash dishes

Hokey pokey

Lincoln log cabins

Lego tower contest

Follow the yellow brick road (yarn)

Walk the plank - "pirates"

Stepping stones with blocks

Jumping Jacks

Jump Rope

Blow Bubbles

Jack be nimble


cutting game

Act out favorite story


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  1. Oh!!! You are so smart! I was going to post a request at my blog for ideas just like you listed!! THANKS!