April 6, 2005

Finding a Gem

A coffeshop in our area has a book exchange, leave a book - take a book. Sometimes I am quite lucky there. I usually leave behind children's books as we have so many. Last week I found what I consider a gem, that I am guessing many overlooked. I found a copy of "The Rainbow Dictionary" by Wendell Wright. You can find used copies of this ranging from two to fifteen dollars on ebay and alibris.

This book was published in 1947. It has all the classic feel of an old school reader, think Dick and Jane. The pictures are drawn like that and some of the language or definitions may be outdated. Yet Rhiannon has been reading it for days now - just reading the dictionary straight. It is written in a storylike way to present short facts about each word. Here are some examples:

All- All of this cake is here.
Every bit of this cake is here. (with a picture of a whole cake)

This cake is not all here. Part of this cake is gone. (picture of partial cake)

I gave Donall of my marbles.
I gave Don every one of my marbles.

Leather - Leather is madefrom the skin of an animal. My shoes are made of leather. Some coats are made of leather. Daddy's belt is made of leather.

Rhiannon has really enjoyed reading this and it is the first book she picks up during her school reading time. The other day she brought it to the doctors office with us and increased our weirdness factor in the doctors eyes (already pretty high I imagine). The doctor asked what she was reading and Rhiannon said "The dictionary" and the doctor said "Well not my first choice or favortie but are you learning a lot of interesting facts?"

It was especially fun to find because it was free.


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  1. LOL! I'm so glad you have a "weirdness factor" going, too. The last time we were at the Dr's office, I'd taken a book of poetry w/ me for the boys to read. I set it on the table in the room and when James finally noticed it, he squealed and said, "MOM! He has such good taste is poetry! LOOK! He has the same Braley book we do!" The dr. laughed, but only after he recalculated the weirdness factor of our family.

    Sounds like a great dictionary!