April 19, 2005

National Frog Month

In honor of April as National Frog Month I thought I would share some of the frogs around our home. As regular readers know frogs are Ciaran's passion and we have embraced that passion and gone with it. The whole family keeps an eye out for frogs, goes to the pond to listen to frogs and even decorated Ciaran's room with a frog theme. I will post some pictures of Ciaran's room. It is hard to get the full impression here as each wall is done with frogs on it but you can get the general idea.

Some places for some good frog resources. Type frog into my search box on top and you will get a variety of results from SCHOOL@HOME (including lesson ideas, book lists, and more), visit Family Crafts, First School, Enchanted Learning, and NC Wise Owl for more results.


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