April 6, 2005

Where I Blog

This is the computer I most often use throughout the day. It is where I most often blog, check news, keep up with email and listen to music. The monitor is a wall mounted flat screen and we have a wirless keyboard and remote that generally is always on the island in our kitchen. The box is in a cabinet under our kitchen counter.

Our kitchen is the center of our home. We have an open floor plan so our kitchen, dining room and living room flow together nicely and our kitchen is at the center of it. When Serona encouraged me to get a flat screen and wireless I resisted, now I am so thankful I am married to a techie who just insisted.

I LOVE having my computer in my kitchen and highly recommend it if at all possible for you. I keep my recipes, all my music and main records there. Google is a click away and we so often school at our dining table which you can see the computer monitor from and use the keyboard from. It truly is a sweet setup and I am blessed.


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