April 9, 2005

Roomba Review - One Year Later

We have had Roomba for over a year now and I must say I still love it. For those of you unaware, Roomba is a robotic vacuum cleaner. Very little has changed since my intial Roomba review, which I recommend you read.

The prices have come down, the models have improved but the basic overview is the same. We have had to replace Roomba three times though in one year. I would recommend buying from Hammacher as they have an excellent return policy and outstanding customer service. The extra twenty dollars you pay today will be well worth it and far more valuable over the years to come.

You see Roomba is still new technology and she has bugs to work out. Yet Hammacher has replaced the unit twice for us now and they have won my loyalty as a customer because of it. Roomba may not be for everyone as it is still in the "early adopter" phase with some quirks. Yet where else can you get barefoot clean floors, and pet hair free carpet without pushing a vacuum cleaner yourself? All you need to do is remember to charge her battery and turn her on.

Roomba really does free up my time and make life easier. Tonight she vacuumed my kitchen and dining room while we went for a family walk. She vacuums my entry way each day and picks up all the sand, pea gravel and other junk that comes in. She picks up my dogs hair and clears out the dustbunnies under the beds and couches. I would recommend her without hesitation as long as you are the kind of person willing to deal with the quirks of new technology. Be sure to read my intial review.


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  1. That's it...I'm sold. It was that part about taking a walk while it vacuumed that did it for me. :-)