April 4, 2005

Ciaran's Head

Well we just returned from our first ER visit of the year, this time with Ciaran. He got 6 stitches, 2 internal and 4 external on his forehead. The sad part is he was not doing anything crazy. It did not happen on his scooter (though he has taken quite a few big falls), it didn't happen on the monkey bars or doing something crazy or wrong. No, in fact he was doing something good when it happened.

Tonight we were eating dinner outside on our deck as it was lovely out. He was helping clear the dishes and bring everything inside when he tripped over the entry way door and fell head first into our very big hardwood bench. Serona ran to him to comfort him and he was trying to calm him down when I noticed the blood covering Serona's shoulder.

After we cleaned up the blood and examined it - it became clear that he would be needing stitches. Of course on a Sunday evening the only place to go is the emergency room. So off we headed, with a damp cloth held to his head for the pressure.

We dropped the girls off at a good friends house on the way to the ER and then entered a room full of people. We were told it was unlikely we would be seen for atleast three hours and we would be lucky to be out by midnight. Thankfully God answered our prayers and we were seen much faster than that.

I have to praise Ciaran - he was amazing. He was so brave and patient and an overall excellent patient especially for being only 4 years old! He brought his stuffed frog Sally Coselli with him and everyone got a kick out of his frog and the fact that Ciaran named him that himself just by thinking it up himself. The hospital we were at was actually great with him. We have been there several times over the course of the past 4 years and everytime we come away impressed and amazed and thankful for excellent and understanding health care.

How many hospitals will give an admittance bracelet to a stuffed frog and bandage the frog as well? How many hospitals will have a teacher come in to show thepatient what will happen before it happens and then give them playdoh and a movie to help distract them? How many hospitals are filled with upbeat, energetic and fun staff that keep your child in good spirits? We are blessed with one and I am so thankful.

Ciaran was charming all the staff though. They were amazed at the things he said and how calm and patient he was. He was talkative and in good spirits and his passion for frogs and the color green was apparent. They kept looking for green things for him from bandages to gloves to the color of his robe, even the playdoh they found for him. He really appreciated it and kept getting excited.

At one point he about bowled me over. He was telling them he was a teacher too. Recently when he had his annual heart exam - the cardiologist asked Ciaran if he would let some new cardiologists and some students listen to his heart to see if they could figure out what congential heart defect he had. He happily complied and then they told him he was a teacher too, because he taught those students about his heart. So tonight at the ER he told the nurses and doctors that he was a teacher - he taught about his special heart. When they asked him why his heart was special he said "Because that is the way God made my heart, he made me special" and you could see the doctor and nurses reactions. Then he turned to the EMT who was holding his head still and said "And God made you too." It was very sweet and everyone was taken aback, including me.

Tonight I was reminded of what an amazing little boy Ciaran is. He is charming and funny and has a great smile. He is smart and precocious, and just genuine. He is very patient and can sit still when he needs to and was very brave and tough tonight. When the nurse was digging to see how deep his gash was I was amazed - it was quite deep and they had to do two layers of stitches. Other than the intial crying when it first happened he had been brave, quiet, calm and obedient the entire rest of the night even though this clearly must have still hurt. I was in awe of my little boy.

Somewhere in the past year he has grown up so very much it is amazing. He is still a little boy for sure but he is also able to be quite old for his age when he needs to be. On the drive home I sat in the backseat with him holding his hand until he fell asleep. Three was an age of being both a baby and a little boy - it seems now at four he is much more about being a little boy. I can still see the young in him though from time to time.

Tonight though he was a trooper, he did not cry, fuss or fight at anything the doctors, nurses, or even his parents told him to do. He simply followed instruction without complaint. He waited patiently for a long time in the waiting room while we read books to him. He said a prayer of thankfullness when the nurse found the movie he wanted to watch. He was extremely polite saying "excuse me", "please" and "thank you" almost without fail. He was in good spirits and easy to be around despite the deep gash in his forehead. I am so proud of him.


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