April 5, 2005

Spring Moments

Those first few days of true spring are often difficult to get book schooling in so we generally don't bother. When the weather hits 70 and the ice melts off the lakes and the days and evenings are beautiful it seems everything else can and should and therefore does wait.

We walk to the ponds and the local nature preserves. We listen for the early bird calls and hear the first frogs. We walk slowly, smile alot, run when we can and enjoy a few days of bug free heat free wonderful outdoor time. After being cooped up indoors for so very much of the winter we simply exist outside.

The kids never want to come in and they find new things to do outside. They beg to eat outside, they start asking when we can go camping and sleep outside. We fill the bird feeders, we play at the park, we run in our backyard, we swing in the hammock, tire swing and on the swings. We climb up and slide down over and over again until we can no longer count how many times we have.

These are the moments that have made up our past four days and everything else can simply wait. Rhiannon is motivated to be outside so she is willing to get dressed and do some work briefly after breakfast as long as the promise of the outdoors for the rest of the day follows. We typically manage to get copywork, math and reading in on days like these. But we learn so much about nature, weather, animals, flowers and we make up for all the PE time we lost during the winter.

Everyone smiles more, laughs more and feels better. They even sleep better. Somehow the house stays cleaner - or maybe we just care less. Enjoy these fleeting moments of early spring wherever you are.



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    The ads by google thingy is blocking some off your content. Just wanted to let you know.

  2. What browser are you on? What content is it blocking? I am making it thinner, let me know if that helps please? Thanks for letting me know.

  3. Anonymous11:46 AM

    I use Safari and Firefox It was covering up the spring moments, cutting off the beginning. It's fine now, that you made it thinner
    Stevie T.