April 27, 2005

One World Expedition

Looking for something interesting to add to your science studies? Check out One World Expedition.

Two Minnesotan men, Lonnie and Eric will begin their epic adventure to cross the Artic Ocean during the summer for the first time ever on May 12th. www.oneworldexpedition.com is the official web site of the first summer crossing of the Arctic Ocean. From the website:

"In May of 2005, polar explorers Lonnie Dupre and Eric Larsen embark on a history-making expedition. Their four-month journey crosses the frozen ice cap from Cape Arcitchesky, Siberia to the geographic North Pole, then on to Ellesmere Island, Canada. The expedition hopes to create awareness of global climate change."

Check the website frequently once the adventure begins for a live map, images and updates of their journey.


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