April 13, 2005

Daily Roundup

Math, copywork and reading for Rhiannon. Family reading time. Ciaran played with file folder games for shapes, colors, numbers 1-10, opposites and rhyming. Sirah and I just played and she was interested in books quite a bit yesterday. Her current favorite appears to be Goodnight Moon, she loves the chairs the three little bears sit on.

For the first time I think ever Rhiannon chose not to listen when I was reading a story out loud. She was working on her present for Ciaran, a latch hook rug, and decided to continue with that rather than stop to listen. I read "A Birthday for Frances" to Ciaran and Sirah. Ciaran informed me that "Mom, you are no good at the acting parts. Daddy is good at the acting parts" I was able to laugh at it because well he is right. I probably should not even try different voices when we read as I am not so good at it. I will leave that to Serona, but as I read to them the most I do try to keep it interesting. I think they appreciate the way I read and the inflection and tones I use, they just don't like when I try to make up voices. Well because I am not consistent and I am a terrible actor. Of course I am held to a much higher standard because they take Serona's wonderful talent for granted. Not realizing most kids do not have a stage actor living with them to act out their storybooks!

We also did a mini project on Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We read the story and then made paper stick puppets and a house. The kids cut out three beds, chairs and bowls of porridge of varying sizes and retold the story with the props. Ciaran practiced sorting from smallest to largest and we talked a bit about comparisons. Some of the Goldliocks and the Three Bears resources we used can be found at First School's Goldilocks and the Three Bears Lesson Plan.

Serona surprised us all by coming home early with flowers for each of us. We had a nice family dinner and the kids had individual little bear cakes (special cake tins) for dessert and told Dad about the story they learned over dinner. This was a bit young for Rhiannon but it is good for her to do things with her brother that are targeted at him from time to time.

I even got in a two mile walk, most of the house picked up and the new blog up. Thanks Serona for the basic three column template that I just had to modify colors, sizing and text for. Some of you may recognize the format from Serona's site over at C Y B E R::E C O L O G Y.


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