April 12, 2005

New Look - Same Content

Well I finally decided to do something about the unweilding sidebar I have had for two years so I have gone to a three column format with smaller font for the links. I cleaned up the sidebar some so if I missed someone please leave a note here or email and I will be sure to add you back in. If you weren't on before but want to be drop me a note as well.

Overall I think the new layout will work well - more content in an easier format - but as with anything new it will have bugs and take time. Please let me know if the page looks funny or does funny things on your browsers. I have tested it in IE, Mozilla and Firefox. But I have the most recent of these and may not be able to tell if it is doing weird things in other versions or browsers.

Thank you to all of you who read this blog. I can hardly believe that I have over 400 visitors a day now! Feel free to leave feedback.



  1. I really like the new look. I am wondering what you meant by missed someone though, I didn't see any blog links.

  2. Scroll down on the right under homeschool blogs

  3. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Nice layout-Missy

  4. Love the new look, and I admit to being one of your regular readers. Just don't get the time to comment very often.

    Keep up the great work :-)
    Jules x