April 22, 2005

Grandparent Visit

Blogging has been lighter than normal as we are truly enjoying a visit from the grandparents. One of the difficult things of having moved so often is that we have nearly always lived far from family. My parents still live in New York, Serona's in Maine and we live in Minnesota. But typically twice a year we get to spend time together and then everything else stops pretty much. That time is now with my folks from New York.

Yesterday we had a field trip planned with our homeschool support group to the Como Conservatory and Zoo in St Paul. However, the kids made it clear that they really just wanted to spend the day with grandma and grandpa. So we did. We went and visited their hotel and then headed to the Mall of America.

While not my favorite place in the world it may be my kids and husbands so I have learned to adapt. It also helps that we rarely ever actually shop when we go to the mall. This visit of course was all about Legoland and Camp Snoopy (the indoor amusement park). Grandma and Grandpa bought tickets and the kids each ended up on 5 rides (the frog hopper, fast cars, trucks, airplanes and the snoopy air bounce jumper. We shared funnel cakes, pretzels and lunch at the crepestand. They built and raced cars and legoland, played a ball toss carnival game and just had an all around good time. Sirah even rode on the merry-go-round with grandpa. It was a good day overall.

When we came home Serona took the three kids to a nearby pond to hear the frogs, and see the ducks, geese and yesterday a muskrat. They hiked around while my mother and I made dinner and my father caught up on some work. We had a nice family dinner and family dancetime and then off to bed for stories a bedtime. A long but fun day.


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