April 9, 2005

My Reward Board

We are currently beta testing "My Reward Board" program by the people who brought you the JumpStart computer series. I must admit I had my hesitations about the program - thinking it was too goofy to work but they have gotten so excited by it and are actually motivated by the "Star point" rewards. They have not actually even picked a "reward" yet but just get so excited about putting the smiley face on each completed task and gathering "star points".

I about fell over the other day when Ciaran came out and said "Mom, if I clean the bathroom can I get some extra star points?" They have been getting their chores done, and even offering to do extra. They have worked together, helped out with Sirah and just been more agreeable about cleaning. So I guess I have to give a thumbs up to the program.

Rhiannon asked how many star points they would need to earn and save to go to Disney Land? I keep trying to dodge that one for a few more years hoping to only go once when all of them will remember and enjoy it. Rhiannon has friends that have gone and I know she would love it at this age especially given her love of all things princess.

Back to the reward system though. It always amazes me that kids get so excited over the littlest things. Stickers are a perfect example of this. A sticker as a reward is so exciting to them - yet it seems so small to us. Band-aids is another one of those areas that I forget how exciting that is to a young kid. We get so much mileage from a simple little sticker.

I must admit I was hesitant to use this reward system because I want them to understand that cleaning is part of their responsibilities and not always expect to get something in return for it - other than the pleasure of having a clean room. I have not yet seen them resist doing something without a reward so I am watching cautiously but so far it seems to have been a positive addition to our family.

I'll be sure to let you know when beta testing is done and the program is more widely available.


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