April 3, 2005

Star Wars Weekend

In case you are unaware, the new action figures, toys, and more for the upcoming Star Wars Episode III: Return of the Sith are out. They came out at midnight on Friday and we have already spent way too much money on action figures to go into Serona's collection box still sealed and this time some to open for the kids to play with.

The kids have been playing with them on and off for the past two days. Rhiannon especially enjoys the female Jedi's (Shak-Ti, Luminara, and Aayla), Mon Mothma and pregnant Padme. Ciaran most enjoys Anakin and Obi-wan Kenobi. They also play with Yoda and the droids.

Allowing these action figures was a struggle for me. We have kept out all rescue heroes, spiderman, justice league and all the other boy action figures. I have kept Barbie out and was a bit hesitant at first as these are not our typical toys. Yet Star Wars holds a special place in our family and our kids seem to grasp the different between reality and not. We have decided to allow them and embrace them and play with them together as a family.

This is a passion of Serona's that he has passed on to the kids. When we got married I had a decision to make I could either embrace Star Wars or forever hate it. I chose to embrace it and we have made it a part of our family fun. We even went to Celebration II, a star wars convention with all of us in full costume. We took the kids to the midnight opening of Episode II and everyone has a homemade costume.

It is a fun part of who we are and I look forward to the next release and what fun we will have with that. We are currently investigating making an Imperial Royal Guard costime for me for this year. Serona has a great homemade Jedi costume that is very authentic that he made for C2 at the release of EPII.

Visit your local toy department and pick up some Star Wars toys for your family.


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