April 11, 2005

Frog Resources

Ciaran spent a good portion of the morning with this Reptiles & Amphibians of Minnesota Field Guide by Stan Tekiela. The book comes with a great CD that teaches all the calls of the different species of frogs and toads in Minnesota. You can hear individuals and group calls. There is even a section where you can try to guess which frog call it is. I intend to make flash cards of actual photos of the frogs to use with this. I hihgly recommend it and Amazon's price is great.

I have been getting more requests for our frog resources so I am going to try to put it all together in one place - but it may take me awhile to track down all the frog books we have read, as it feels like we read several a week (though I know many of them by heart now).

A good place to start is with thisfrog lesson plan and this Frog Reading List I put together.

Don't forget to go to a nearby pond, marsh or other wet area to listen to the early chorus frogs and soon to see frog spawn. Or get some to raise at home, remembering that they take a long time to grow and the changes are much slower than raising butterflies.


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