November 17, 2004

Frog Lesson Plan and Resources

Since Ciaran is so in love with frogs we decided we would focus solely on frogs for F week. Today has been a good day. We read many frog books and then spent over an hour online listening to frog sounds and watching Frog Video and Sound Clips. We found a Random Frog Generator and used online paint program where the kids took turns drawing and painting their own frogs then we used out computer paint program to print out one for each of them of their creations.

Ciaran played some games online including this fun Frog Color Game and several others we found at this great All About Frogs site. We also printed out Several coloring pages including Ciaran's favorite the Red Eyed Tree Frog.

Rhiannon really enjoyed watching the frogs mate and seeing the eyes come out. She also enjoyed listening to the attraction calls both can be found here. She also decided to write a story and illustrate it. She recited it and I typed it and then printed it out and divided it up by main points and glued each to a page, she made a cover and back page and then drew illustrations and we are binding the book together. Tonight for dinner we will have Frog Guacamole.

Together we made several Frog Toilet Paper Crafts and then cut out lilypads from construction paper and wrote numbers 1-10 on them. The froggies we created had races across the lilypads and we worked on number recognition and counting to ten by having both the frogs and then the kids jump to certain numbers. We made bookmarks and learned which frogs are native to Minnesota and many other facts. Much of this was actually review for my son but he did learn a few new things and certainly had fun.

Some other activities and resources we used are:

Captain Frog
Creature Feature.
Frog letter sheet
The Lilypad Online Story



  1. I'm always so impressed by the activities you find to go along with different topics! Where do you find all of your ideas? Are there special websites you'd recommend or are you just incredibly creative? I still think you may have more hours in your day than I do! :-)

  2. Anonymous6:52 PM

    My name is Jennifer. I am a junior at a private college in SE North Carolina. One of my assignments it to work with two classmates on a thematic lesson. We chose frogs and toads. I was surfing the Net for information on relevant first-grade level information, and I came across your frog lesson. I love the frog guacamole idea! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience! Best wishes and good luck!