November 7, 2004

Weekend Round-up

Finishing off Serona's week of vacation we enjoyed a visit to the zoo on Friday afternoon and a nice evening at home afterwards. On Saturday we had a wonderful family tea party complete with cinnamon rolls, finger sandwiches, homemade sugar cookies with sprinkles, mini-muffins and some other treats and of course three types of tea (blackberry, calm, and empress) with sugar and milk (soy of course). We laid out a beautiful spread and used nice matching teacups and had a grand time. Then Serona, Ciaran and Rhiannon took a family nap and Sirah and I ran an errand and then met up with a friend for coffee.

That evening we took two boys from our homeschool group so their parents could have a date. The night went very well. Their older son and Rhiannon played Jr. Monopoly, Sorry, and Mr Mouth for quite awhile. Their younger son and Ciaran were loud and boisterous but fun - they played games, built with blocks and put together a train setup with Serona. Sirah wondered from place to place trying to get involved and staying with us. Serona played some Gamecube and the kids were all enthralled to watch and I finished putting together a book of all our work for the election. Then we popped some popcorn, dished out some ice cream and sat together to watch "Return of the Jedi" on DVD. Everyone was quiet and well behaved, the younger boys even started to fall asleep and we laid out sleeping bags on the floor for them until our friends returned. A good time was had by all.

Sunday we went to church and then headed home for some lunch. Serona and the kids played together in our playroom until lunch. Then Sirah and I headed off for a nap and Serona took the older two outside to play in the yard and finish some yardwork. They played soccer, football and rode bikes. They finished winterizing the yard and managed to fit both cars into our garage! YAY!

After naps Serona headed to play practice and the kids and I started dinner. Serona called to let us know about the Northern Lights we could see and that was the rest of our night! We had a lot of fun watching them and learning about them.

The kids headed to bed and I made a run through the house cleaning up, filing, doing bills, and grocery shopping online. Off to bed now.


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