November 10, 2004

Ciaran Round-Up

Ciaran and I have had a great week. We have been having so much fun together I have not taken time to blog about it - thought I would catch up now.

On Monday we started E week with work on our E board:

Letter: E
Theme: Elephant
Number: 4
Color: Black
Shape: Rectangle
Bible: Queen Esther
Vocab: Earth

After we taped all the pictures up and talked about each concept three times we read our E sound box book and then just played around with the letter E for awhile. Then we moved on to play with trains and build a city for the cars and animals out of blocks. We played hopscotch and he rode on the horse and down the indoor slide we have.

On Tuesday he was sick and very sad that he could not go to coop. So I let him choose what we would do after we dropped Rhia off. He chose to go home and watch Star Wars Episode I together. So we cuddled up on the couch under a homemade blanket and watched it together. It was nice for him to have more freedom to talk to me without as much interruption or competition. Sirah was with us but content to play nearby and climb on and off my lap every once in awhile. Ciaran even let me crochet some with him on my lap.

After the movie we had a special lunch together and then we started to play Star Wars in our imaginary world. We really had a great time. I was Anakin and he was Obi-Wan. We shared a meal over Anakin's table and joked about Jar Jar. We decided that Sirah could be R2D2. We climbed under the kitchen table and closed ourselves into our spaceship but shutting all the doors (chairs) and it was cramped. Ciaran, Sirah, myself and one of our Aussies. But it was fun - we flew from place to place and planet to planet. Why do kids love to play under the table so much? Our table has been a bear cave, under a pond (where frogs hibernate), Peter Pan's hideout, the glass elevator from Charlie and the Chocolate factory, a spaceship, and a bunch of other things.

Some other things we did were fight Darth Maul, hide from people (who I am not sure but he liked to climb under the couch to hide - I did not fit so I was allowed to just lay next to it with my head all the way down), we went to the Jedi council, we participated in the pod race and blew up the trade federation ship. We played for a long time and he had a great time. It was so much fun to see him so happy and to be able to focus on what he wanted to do for so long - Sirah was very cooperative as well.

Today was the day of playdates for him. We started out the morning playing in the backyard with Rhiannon and the dogs for about an hour and then headed to a friend's house. There he had several friends to play with - three boys ages 4, 3, and 2. Rhia joined in with them as well but it was nice for Ciaran to have the playdate and her to try to find her place as it is all too often the other way around. The kids did relatively well together especially after they ate some lunch. They spent the rest of the time playing out in the backyard enjoying some of the last of our nice weather I fear.

We headed home and they were crazy in the car when we arrived at home I sent them to their rooms for quiet and naptime only to have a neighbor call and ask me if I could watch her son who is about 5 months older than Ciaran. I said yes and got the kids out of their rooms and ready for another playdate. The boys did very well together. This was the first time we had this little boy over and they had a great time and all three of them got along well. When they got to crazy I reigned them in by reading a few storybooks to them.

All in all I have had a lot of fun with Ciaran this week and feel like we have really reconnected in a strong way again.


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  1. Oh, I love those connection times. They are among my most precious, tender moments in my heart. Seeing what wonderful children they are now gives me a peek at the amazing adults they will become, and I just feel so honored and fortunate to be allowed to walk with them through it all.

    *happy sigh*

    Glad he's feeling better!