November 5, 2004

Rhiannon's Narration - SOTW Ch1 Pt 2

Narration: Nomads become farmers - SOTW Ch 1

They lived in the crescent moon. It was called a crescent because it was shaped like a crescent. They lived in brick houses made out of mud that was dried up in the sun and made houses out of reeds. They built walls out of stone around their houses so that robbers and the other people could not get or ruin their houses. They stayed in one place and tended their crops and tamed animals, some of them ate tamed animals. I think nomads are the best thing but I like both farmers and nomads. The story was about the fertile crescent.

Question and Answer on Chapter
Why was the fertile crescent a good place to live?
There was lots of food there and they did not have to run from one place to another. There was water and plants.

What was it shaped like?
A crescent

What did the first farmers grow?

Did famers move from place to place like nomads?
No, they stayed in one place.
Because there was enough food

What did farmers build their house out of?
Brick and hay (I corrected to reeds)

How did they protect their villages?
They built stone walls around their houses.

She also colored a picture of a shadruf - early farming machine and we will make cave paintings later

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