November 23, 2004

More on Frogs

We have been completely submerged in frogs for the past two weeks - I honestly did not realize that we had more we could learn. We certainly are getting to a point of repitition in some of the books but the kids are still enjoying themselves - especially Ciaran. We have read so many frog books and still have quite a few lying around. We have done frog puzzles online and our own wooden lifestages puzzle. We have been frogs, jumped on lilypads, cut out frogs and made a frog collage. We have spent endless amount of time online listening to frog calls, watching them mate, learning about all the different types and printing out images. We have done online coloring and printed out coloring pages. We've made crafts, food and games centered around frogs.

So far the biggest hit with both kids was when I printed out 20 different color frogs and laminated them (writing the name of each on the back) we then played several games with these homemade cards. First I laid all of them down on the table and said a frog name and they had to try to be the first to touch it - whoever got the most won. Then I held each card up one by one and whoever could name it first got the card. Then I had them go one by one and try to identify each frog. Both of them did very well getting 17 and 18 out of 20 correct and I had some tough ones in there. I also would state some facts about them and have them try to guess which one I was talking about. I was amazed at how well they could recollect the different frogs. As we have been reading the books they have been able to identify many of the frogs. I really wish it was spring so we could go frog hunting. I think we will just have to do this study again then.

Here is a sample of the frog books we have read so far over the past two weeks, though it is not an exhaustive list:

Grandpa Toad's Secrets - Kasza, Keiko
If You Hopped Like a Frog - Schwartz, David
Frogs and Toads and Tadpoles too - Fowler, Allan
Tadpoles, The: Vietnamese Reader - Noc, Bay Nong
Frog Where Are You - Mayer, Mercer
Frog on His Own - Mayer, Mercer
Frog - Cooper, Susan
Great Frog Race and other poems - George, Kristine O'Connell
Hop Jump - Walsh, Ellen Stoll
It's a frog's Life: My Story of Life in a Pond - Parker, Steve

Frog Prince, A - Berenzy, Alix
All About Frogs - Arnosky, Jim
Frogs - Driscoll, Laura
Frogs, Toads, Lizards and Salamanders - Parker, Nancy Wilson
Froggy Goes to Bed - Londond, Johnathen
Flashy Fantastic Rain Forest Frogs - Patent, Dorothy
Biggest Frog in Australia, The - Roth, Susan
Tuesday - Weisner, David
Frog, Toads and Turtle - Burns, Diane
Frog House The - Maylor,Mark

Frog Princess, The(adaptation) -Lewis, J Patrick
Show and Tell Frog, The - Oppenheim, Joanne
Days with Frog and Toad - Lobel, Arnold
Frog and Toad Together - Lobel, Arnold
Big Daddy Frog Wrestler - Boelts, Maribeth
Marsh Music - Berkes, Marianne
Eulalie and the Hopping Head - Small, David

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