November 17, 2004

Rhiannon's Narration on Frogs

Rhiannon asked me to write a story - as she started telling it I realized there was something very familiar about it. Soon I realized that she was retelling a story I read yesterday. We talked about how it was a retelling of someone else's story and she was telling it in her own words rather than a story she made up. Then we talked about narration and how the stories we read can affect us and our imagination. She based her story of Grandpa Toad's Secret. Here is her story/narration:

Story About a Frog

Once upon a time there were two little frogs, smiling and hopping along. One said hey I have lots of secrets. The first secret of mine is that you always have to be protected from danger. Then suddenly a great big bird swooped down, the bird tried to eat them. Little frog was scared. But big frog puffed himself up and he looked too big to eat. The bird bumbled, maybe next time I can get a better snack then frogs.
My second secret big frog said is that you always have to be brave when someone is trying to eat you. I will. Suddenly a great snake appeared before them. The little frog was scared so he ran away into the bushes but big frog was he scared? No.
He said hey big snake, there is a great big bird, maybe if you slither off over there you can catch him. My third secret is that you always have to be smart. But right then before he could say the last words a great huge monster appeared and caught Big frog. The little frog ran away and hid while the big frog was starting to try to get away. The monster was so busy trying to get his snack ready - he did not notice little frog throwing red berries around his feet. Then little frog said Stop your poisoning the monster. Then the monster looked down at his feet and cried help, then he ran away. Big frog was not afraid anymore. He said the last thing I was going to tell you when the monster grabbed me was you always need to be brave and smart and encouraging. Those are my three secrets and will always be reminding you.
This story was about a young frog and his grandpa, his grandpa told him three secrets, be strong, be brave and be encouraging. This story was by me. I based this story on my book "Grandpa Toad's Secrets" but I added a little detail. Me and my mom will always be best friends. The end.

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