November 9, 2004

Rhiannon on Iraq Coop

Today we learned about Iraq. When I came home I felt rather bored now I am writing about this in my blog. We got snack, lunch even to play. Sometimes I think school is really fun but sometimes it is boring. They speak different in Iraq. I learned they have different manners at their table. New guests have to try all the food set before them. I learned that Iraq is a very different country then ours. They epeak different, have different manners and eat different things. We got to make a project of art from the country (they glued cut out pieces of construction paper onto a geometric shape that was labelled Islamic Geometric Art). We listened to the whole Alladin story and put stickers on a paper.

Rhia retells the Alladin story from the stickers:
Alladin met his uncle who tiold him to go in and find the lamp and some berries. They gave him a ring he went down and it looks like he is praying and out of the ring popped a slave and then a woman invited the uncle to tea but he is just a figure person pretending to be his uncle. They gave him a genie he wished for food and they gave him food he asked the pharoah if he could marry his wife and he did. He sneaks up to the castle and asks for old lamps and offers a new one. These were actually old and this was the new one. This guy right here brought away the princess and the castle and asked the genie to take away the castle (that is the slave remember) he is carrying him (alladin) to the princess. The princess invioted him to dinner and put poinson in the wine. When he drank it he dies and he is bad. The castle and the daughter got back to their palce and alladin and the daughter married.

We also learned how to say things in their language (arabic). We learned how to say Goodbye, hello, thank you, one, two and three. (She could do these with help from the sheet they sent home). We learned some special words abaaya, thobe, and Koran.

I had fun at coop. We had cakes (baklava) for snack.


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    just wont you to know this helped me with my project

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