November 7, 2004

The Northern Lights - Kids View

Rhiannon - This is about the northern lights. Daddy called about the Northern Lights, Mommy took us out on the deck and I saw the Northern Lights. They were beautiful red, green, purple, violet. They were so beautiful I couldn't believe my eyes. What I saw was what I see it was everything more than I ever saw, more beautiful than anything in the whole wide world. Whenever I see it I remember what happens that makes the light. The light comes from the sun and hits the Earth's magnetic thing. The sun has an invisible cord (solar wind - mommy inserts) that hits the earth magnetic core (mommy corrects with magnetic fields) it goes around the earth and you can see light in certain places in the north and the south. (While she explained this she drew pictures like a diagram of the sun, earth, solar wind and magnetic fields) depicting it for me based on ones we looked at online.

Ciaran on Northern Lights - I saw northern lights. They looked like round circles. They were green and purple and red. They moved. They were pretty because they were bright. I don't want to tell anymore.

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