November 5, 2004

Rhiannon Milestone

Last night was the first night Rhiannon took a book to bed to actually read it. She has turned the corner on reading and can truly read by herself now. She still struggles with a few words but can read some books by herself - like Dr Suess and Little Bear. We began reading "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" by CS Lewis again last night and Rhiannon asked to try to read and she could actually read many of the words! Then we talked it over and decided we could offer her a book to take to bed with her to truly read and give her a half hour in her bed. She was so excited and she read a chapter in Little Bear's Visit. She read me the first four pages out loud and then I left her to read the rest to herself. I was so very excited for her and very proud of her as well.


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