November 2, 2004

Homeschoolers for Bush Update - Our Campaign History

Here are the current updates in our Homeschoolers for Bush Unit Study

Points - Activity - Amount of points per activity and length of activity

60 Points for Rules of Civility – - 10 pts each
300 George W Bush bio –
600 volunteer at RNC – 200 per hour (lawn signs, distribute, cutting, running)
200 Make Tshirts – 200 (each child - we made 4 altogether)
6000 Door knocking 200 pts - each hour (10 hours before pres visit 20 hours 72 hour force)
1200 Headquarters visit 200 each
500 Lit handouts – 3 pts per piece
100 Wear hs for bush tshirt 20 per day
90 Prayer for President Bush 10
900 Lawn Signs 50 per sign
300 Rally for President Bush
100 If I were President I would...
100 Letter to President
100 Vote with Mom
400 Volunteer in Precint on Election Day
100 Color and Label Electoral College Map

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