October 30, 2004

More Activism

Today Serona and I went to see the Bush rally at the Target Center in Minneapolis. This time the kids stayed with some friends from our homeschool group. It was nice but different to not have the kids with us. We were up on the stage behind the president about 12 rows back (too far for most pictures and video clips) and it was a really awesome experience to see the rally from this perspective.

It was also nice to be able to just concentrate on what the president was saying and all that was going on around me. We were surrounded by several little kids and I kept thinking about how I wanted to share this with mine again. Of course they did just attend a rally a few weeks back and probably would not have been up for another and it was nice to not have to worry about the inevitable "I have to go to the bathroom NOW and no it can not wait" that always happens at the most inconvenient of times. At first I felt guilty not having them with us but then I reminded myself they were probably having a better time at their friend's house and they were just here not too long ago.

After the rally we picked up our door knocking materials and headed out to encourage people to get to the polls on Tuesday. The kids went with us and we will do this for a few hours each day through election day, along with sign waving from the bridges. After we were done door knocking we put up some lawn signs and then headed home. Tired now and I am sure it will be a tiring weekend for us all. Be sure you vote on Tuesday!


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  1. Tenn,

    We experience the same duality of emotions on the few occasions we go sans children. It's nice, but different. We find ourselves wishing we were with them, although assurred they are probably having a much grander time where they are. In the end, we do enjoy one another's company, doing grown-up things at a grown-up pace (and regaining a grown-up's attention span), and then joyously swoop upon the boys when we get back and just revel in them as deeply as if we'd been gone for a month.

    Sort of wish we were in a swing state, or a Bush state, even. :-( Enjoy those rallys (rallies? It's far too late to be posting comments...) for me, too!