October 10, 2004

Ciaran's Weekend in his words

I got to go on a fire truck. Even I got to get to on an ambulance. Even I got to eat chocolate and I got to eat ice cream. I even did not get to win a prize. I love boats and I got to drive one. We got to spray windows and out the water in with the hose. I got to do it myself and I got to take a picture with sparky the firedog. I got to wear a real helmet. I really drove in it. I sat in the front. A fireman drove the truck and he put the seatbelt on for us. He did the siren and the horn for me.

We did all of president things. We made signs, we put them together, we stuck all up. We get to go knock on doors then go to sleep. I really liked going on the bus to see the president.


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